Advantages and Applications of Plastic Pallets in Different Industries

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It has been common to use pallets in various industries. But the introduction of plastic pallets and plastic pallet production lines has caused a special difference in the storage and maintenance of products.

Why has plastic pallet production lines increased in recent years?

The use of various types of pallets, especially wooden pallets, has been common in various industries in the past. Over time, cases and problems arose where these pallets were used. Among these problems, the following can be mentioned:

  • The wooden pallet lacks the necessary strength and breaks under high pressure.
  • This type of pallet suffers from corrosion and decay. In environments with high humidity and in environments where this pallet comes into contact with water, it will rot and perish.
  • Attracting insects: due to its wooden nature, this pallet can be chosen as a nest by termites and other insects and destroyed.
  • Inability to move properly: This pallet will not have the necessary resistance due to the pressure of the pallet jack and forklift and will break under high pressure.

After the problems created by this type of pallets, most industries turned to metal pallets. This type of pallets did not have the previous problems, but they had disadvantages such as: being heavy, expensive, and rusting.

Different characteristics of plastic pallets

After the problems caused by wooden and metal pallets, the industries started to establish plastic pallet production lines and use them. Because the plastic pallet has the following features:

These types of pallets have a very high weight tolerance. These types of pallets have this feature because they are produced with new technology in plastic pallet production lines.

high flexibility: In addition to high resistance, these types of pallets also have good flexibility. The flexibility along with high resistance will increase the durability of these types of pallets.

Impact resistance: These pallets are very resistant to all kinds of impacts, such as falling, pallet jack impact, and forklift impact, and do not easily break or crack.

low weight: plastic pallet production lines produce these pallets in such a way that they are very light in addition to the mentioned advantages. This lightness is considered an important advantage because moving and storing these pallets will be done easily and without problems.

Hygiene: these pallets can be washed and disinfected and are very suitable for use in sanitary environments.

Resistance to corrosion and chemicals: In the production lines of plastic pallets, compounds are used that are resistant to all kinds of corrosive chemicals and are not easily damaged.

This type of pallet is produced in different colors and types, which will be suitable for different industrial uses.

Inexpensiveness: This palette, having many advantages compared to other models, is also cheaper in terms of price. This feature is ideal in an industry where the cost of the product is very important.

The various uses of plastic pallets have increased the production lines of plastic pallets

Nowadays, the wholesale sale of plastic pallets has become popular in various industries, therefore, the production lines of plastic pallets have provided the possibility of producing different types for various uses. Some of the most common uses of pallets are: 

Common uses of pallets

Use in cold storage: As mentioned, these pallets are washable and can be disinfected. For this reason, they can be used in all kinds of sub-zero and above-zero food refrigerators. Due to their remarkable flexibility, they can also be used in a very high-temperature range.

Wharves and harbors: high resistance and strength, lightness and easy handling, and needing little space for depots have made this product to be used in wharves as well.

Use in poultry farms: As you know, the issue of health in raising chickens is the first and vital issue in every farm. For this reason, the use of this type of pallet is routine in poultry farms.

Routine use in all types of warehouses: due to the mentioned advantages, all warehouses have started using these types of pallets. Because these types of pallets have both a low price and a long lifespan.


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