Advantages of using a dog harness.

Advantages of using a dog harness.

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In the past, dog harnesses were used mostly for working dogs (e.g. sled dogs), but with the evolution of pets! Increasingly more owners have become looking into different types of canine attire for different purposes (running, training, etc.) So, what exactly are the benefits associated with harnesses for your pup?

1. Better Control

When choosing between a dog harness and a collar, the strength and habits of your dog should be carefully considered. No pull and step up harnesses are in high demand these days, specifically for medium to big dogs. Why? Dog harnesses are well suited for large dogs (e.g. German Shepherd Dogs, Belgian Malinois, Labradors, etc.) or dogs that like to take, as the weight would be more evenly distributed than the collar, hence the chance of neck or back injuries would be lowered, and it might be easier on your canine owner’s arms and back as well. The handles also permit your canine owner to control the dog or provide mobility assistance when needed, and they’re great for owners and puppies in training.
2. Better Visibility (HI-VIS)

Aside from service dog and remedy dog harnesses which have large patch panels and ID windows for signage showing the handlers’ special needs and medical conditions, some dog harnesses have light reflective strips and vest trims that keep you and your dog safe during nighttime walks and in other low light environments. Some pet owners with tactical harnesses get creative with the webbing and attach LED lights and glow sticks to the harness. It’s also worth noting that working dogs (e.g. SAR dogs) often wear orange vests to stay visible in the outside.

3. Staying Fit

A healthy dog is a happy dog! Although some dogs like to stay active with their owners, there are others that are overweight due to various reasons. Ruffwear has many different lines of dog gear for outdoor activities, and tactical gear brands like OneTigris offer cool gear that are MOLLE compatible that you can attach pouches and weights, so your dog can stay fit even though at home, and he/she can learn to carry his/her own gear when moving out!

4. Safety and Protection

Some K9 harnesses use heavy duty materials like nylon and metal buckles to offer better security preventing escape into traffic and other dangers, and the K9 harnesses cover a sizable area of the body offering a certain amount of protection against dog bites and wild animal attacks. While it’s not bite-proof, it could be life saving. This is especially so for small dogs both in the town and rural/outdoor areas.

5. No Pull Front Lead Designs

Many harnesses offer multiple leash clip options at the front end chest, amongst the shoulder blades, and/or near to the foot of the tail. Different choices offer different levels of comfort and support for the dog. Front clips discourage dogs that like to pull; rear clips are best for treks and hiking trips when paired with extra long exploration leashes.

The bottom line is, be it a simple walk or an outdoor adventure, harnesses can be mighty helpful for you and your dog companion. Pick the one which offers a good fit, breathability, and quality accessories to ensure comfort and security, and don’t forget to check if there are deals or onlines coupons available before buying one!


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