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SAT is a standardized college entrance exam and is the basic requirement of many colleges and universities of the USA as a part of the admission process. This test aims to measure the skills of students in three core areas, such as writing, math, and critical reading. Formerly, SAT Singapore is known as the reasoning test and it is a paper-based standardized test to test the ability of students to go to college.

Each year SAT is offered seven times at the national level. Usually, the test is conducted on the first or second Saturday of the selected months (January, May, June, October, November, and December) in Singapore. Generally, the test dates are grouped by the academic year. Registration for each test is opened in the mid of April. For the first time one should take SAT test in the spring of the junior year, so that in case if you want an improvement in score, you can attempt it again in the fall. In this way, you will be able to get the score before the deadline for college application.

Right Planning for SAT Test

One of the best and topmost strategies for the SAT test is planning. Some important factors to consider for this test are personal schedule, college application deadline, practice time, chances to retest, and location of the test center. SAT test is required for the colleges you are applying to, so, focus on your time management and be aware of their admission deadlines. Scores will be sent to the schools a few weeks after the test date.

When to Register for SAT

After selecting the appropriate and ideal test date, one should register online for SAT. The registration is opened from April to the deadline of the test. If the test center and date are available according to the choice, early registration is the best choice to secure the seat. Sometimes, the test center can be filled, so, unfortunately, you have to choose a different date and location, as there is no other option. Particularly, this is important for the international SAT test-takers as some countries have a limited number of seats and test centers. The cost for online SAT Singapore is 115$ while for paper-based it is 184$.

SAT Pattern

Generally, the SAT has four sections, reading, writing and language, math (calculator session, and no calculator session), and an optional essay. Mostly, the SAT has four multiple choices, for answering the question, and you must have to select the one right answer. The format is the same for SAT Singapore and other countries. The total time to attempt the test is 3 hours and 50 minutes, while the time for the optional essay is 50 minutes. In evidence-based writing and reading section, vocabulary in context, reading, and the use of grammar is included. The contents for the math portion are data analysis, problem-solving, heart, of algebra, and advance math. Sometimes, additional topics are also there such as pre-calculus, trigonometry, and geometry. Based on combined test results from the three sections, the SAT score ranges from 600-2400 points.


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