Asset Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Asset Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities

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Water assets can become extremely costly, and many municipalities aren’t equipped to supply the ongoing work required to maintain and monitor them. WithouAsset Management for Water Sustainabilityt proper maintenance, these assets can breakdown and require expensive repairs. This may result in a decrease in useful life. Water asset management is necessary to help improve water sustainability and make the jobs of those who oversee these assets better. Creating a water asset management system helps maintenance staff properly maintain assets and record relevant information.

Here are seven ways asset management can benefit water sustainability and Water Tank Asset Management.

1. Increases a Water Asset’s Useful Life
Even with proper maintenance, any asset will eventually reach the end of its useful life. Without scheduled maintenance and repair, however, assets will degrade quicker. This will cause an asset reaching the end of its useful life sooner than expected. But with proper asset management, managers can identify issues and increase the way they make maintenance and repair decisions. The results is the prevention of issues becoming more serious if they go unnoticed.

2. Provides Better Customer Service
Improving the way water assets are looked after can also help to improve customer satisfaction. Customers are paying for water utilities and want to know they’re getting service worth the cost. Water assets obtaining inadequate maintenance make a difference the caliber of service customers receive. Asset management helps you maintain assets more proficiently which results in better customer support.

3. Helps Meet Regulatory Requirements
Municipalities and water utilities are expected to meet certain standards. If assets are underperforming, behind on maintenance, and record-keeping is lacking, it could be difficult to keep up with the requirements that need to be met. Properly maintaining assets with a water management software system can help to make it much easier to meet regulatory requirements. Regular maintenance, work orders, and detailed record-keeping can all help ensure an asset is up to date and meets any relevant requirements.

4. Makes Budgeting More Efficient
Efficient budgeting is important because no municipality or organization comes with an unlimited resources. An asset management system can help you better understand historical and future costs had a need to maintain assets. You might have better information to make decisions, leading to better budgeting and less money going to waste. You’ll understand the expenses required to maintain assets and where budgets have to be adjusted to properly manage the infrastructure.

5. Improves Response to Emergencies
If something happens to a secured asset, you find out right away. Without prioritizing asset management, this is difficult. With no efficient plan to deal with emergencies there is a risk the problem becomes even worse and cause more serious and expensive damage. Having a secured asset management system in place can help you increase the way your staff responds to emergencies.

6. Increases Safety of Water Assets
Broken and damaged assets could turn into a safety risk. Damaged infrastructure can negatively effect drinking water quality and harm the surrounding environment. Asset management software for Water Utilities helps you protect water assets from serious damage. The results of assets obtaining regular maintenance and repairs results in fewer safety concerns related to the asset.

7. Helps Set More Accurate Rates
One area where a municipality or water utility might struggle is setting rates they charge customers for the water service. If a business doesn’t fully understand the costs of managing an asset, it can’t set accurate rates for its services. This could lead to unnecessarily overcharging customers or undercharging rather than getting the funds to maintain assets. Water asset management can be a huge help for decision-making, as it helps provide essential information about an asset. Asset management can show how much it costs to keep the asset infrastructure. Developing a good understanding of the expense helps you price your services more accurately.

See What Water Asset Management Can Do for you personally
Any organization with water assets will need a trusted asset management system. There are plenty of great advantages of having a secured asset management system in place that can help make day-to-day procedures run more smoothly and lessen costs. The ShareNet water asset management software can help municipalities and water companies manage tasks such as reporting, work orders, and asset tracking.


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