Benefits of Sewing and Why You Should Try It

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There are lots of great reasons to sew your own clothes – and they differ for each and every of us!

The advantages of Sewing Courses Kent
Listed below are my advantages of sewing… What exactly are yours?

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Sewing your own clothes as gives you to truly have a unique wardrobe. I really like understanding that nobody else will be using a similar thing as me.

2: Hand Attention Co-Ordination
Sewing with a needle and thread yourself, or by machine, requires side vision co-ordination. Practising side eyeball co-ordination actually keeps our brains as nimble as our hands!

3: Emotional WELLNESS
Sewing could be very therapeutic, which means we find myself to be always a calmer, happier and even more content human being.

4: Sociable Life Improvement
I’ve found that sewing has opened up my world. we understand people across the world who sew and structure cut and it has really broadened my companionship base.

Which has been ideal for my romance too as my poor spouse was getting very fed up being my only sounding plank for ideas!

5: Environmental Impact
Buying clothes in today’s world of fast fashion means there is a constant amount of clothing going to landfill.

6: Sewing Is Creative
Not only is sewing therapeutic, additionally it is super creative, rendering it one of the best benefits of sewing in own eyes. Think of all the different ways there are to sew a seam, finish a hem, add a zipper.

And there are different types of textile to utilize, all the different habits to hack up and create with.

Getting creative with this construction techniques and fabric choices means we could participating our brains in more creative thought. Ideal for the mind!

7: Duration of Learning
Sewing – and then structure making – is a prolonged learning mission. I have readers who’ve been sewing for many years but still ask me questions about different style cutting methods.

Keeping the brain active is ideal for keeping our heads younger than we are, and lessens the chances of us having dementia in our older years!

And finally…

8: Self Esteem
Understanding how to sew does amazing things for your self-esteem. When you’ve finished a dress or a jacket and a friend remarks and asks where you bought it?

That warm fuzzy glow you get when you reply ‘I made it’? THAT does wonders for yourself esteem!

9: Clothes THAT TRULY Fit!
Yep… Each folks is unique. Very few of us fit what the fashion industry would call ‘normal’ sizing.

This means that to often we battle to find clothes – or patterns for example – that fit us.

By sewing and making our very own clothes, we can ensure that they fit us properly, that will subsequently give us a lot more confidence in ourselves!


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