Benefits of Steel-Framed Housing

Benefits of Steel-Framed Housing

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Material framing has many advantages over timber… it’s hard to comprehend why anyone would choose timber knowing the benefits.
Discover The great things about steel framed buildings Houses:

1. Stronger & Straighter
When built from timber, your home can visibly flex and warp as time passes. But steel provides your home a straighter finish because its weight to strength ratio beats some other building material.

The consequence of warped timber frame homes is that plaster can ripple. And anticipated to moisture and enlargement, nails could start popping out of wall surfaces.

Steel won’t divide, warp or swell along roofs, ceilings and wall space, therefore you won’t have plasterboards cracking or your doors and windows jamming.

Material also won’t deteriorate as time passes like timber will, assisting to prevent catastrophic structural failures and creating generations of liveability.

2. Timber framed homes are susceptible to hearth and extreme heat, as we’ve seen with the many bushfire tragedies that contain occurred across Victoria.

Not merely do our steel casings achieve a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 12.5, steel is also non-combustible and won’t add further fuel to fires.

Ember proof casings reduce the quickness of a fireplace spreading through a home or community.

Although some timber products feature a good flames score, they still degrade overtime.

Steel however maintains it’s features giving you satisfaction now and in to the future.

Following a bushfire, steel framing often means the difference between mending your home or rebuilding it totally.

If you’re concerned about lightning, never dread. Material creates a positive globe, allowing the energy to enter the bottom and dissipate.

Steel casings help minimise lightning harm.

3. Termite Proof
Termites are known as the ‘silent destroyer’, usually undetected, eating away at the depths of your house until it’s too late.
One of the biggest benefits of steel framed homes, is that they are 100% termite and borer facts.

Steel framing offers a lifetime warranty against termites destroying your home with no tough chemicals and poisons!

4. Sustainable
It’s estimated that 22 pine trees and shrubs are logged to produce a timber structure home. But steel frames need no deforestation in any way.

This helps lower carbon emissions and promote clean air.

Also, steel recycling creates less landfill waste material.
5. Cost effective
Steel framed housing helps you spend less during the building level and in the years afterwards.

While timber may appear to be the cheaper building materials, material can be lighter and easier for tradespeople to carry and assemble, which indirectly really helps to trim building costs.

After your steel frame home is built, it will keep going an eternity through its termite and fire resistant qualities.

You can also expect savings as high as $30,000 without having to keep termites away.

When you consider all the benefits you get from metallic in comparison to timber framing, material offers less expensive for your cash in the long term.


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