Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Storage Facility

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Moving items whether to a fresh home or even to a self-storage location can be stressful. Many have a tendency to wonder when there is the right or wrong way to pack and frequently times have questions. What’s the ultimate way to pack? Do I need special packing materials? Just how many boxes do I must get? We understand packing your valuables can be a daunting task, which explains why we are providing you a few tips to help make packing less stressful.


Glass Items

Items which are glass are ultra delicate and really should be handled with caution. Wrap these things individually in either unprinted newsprint paper or bubble wrap to ensure nothing gets damaged. Newsprint paper that does not have any print onto it won’t rub off on your valuables, unlike traditional printed newspaper. As for bubble wrap, a clever tip is to wrap that with the bubble facing outward therefore the bubble won’t leave marks on the glass.

Metal Objects

Metal can certainly rust and tarnish if not looked after properly. For these things, such as silver, make certain to completely clean and polish them. Then store them in a flannel bag that’s specially designed for silver items. These can help preserve your metal pieces keeping them beautiful for a long time to come.

Keep It Secure

Lastly, it’s imperative to keep items secure so they aren’t rolling around in boxes. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, extra tape plus more can help to keep these things sturdy and secure and less susceptible to breaking.

Over time we have been tenants in a number of storage units because sometimes you just need more space. There are several reasons to rent one, but there’s also lots of tips and tricks to pick up on the way that they don’t really mention at the front desk when you subscribe!

  1. Pallets, Pallets, Pallets: Maintaining your items off the ground is nearly essential. It might sound silly, but before renting your unit, there’s no way to promise that the melting snow won’t come under the entranceway, or the adjacent unit won’t have a spill that soaks its way into your heirloom sofa.
  2. Wrap Everything You Can: Each time we use a storage unit, we wrap that which you can in professional plastic wrap. This way, we realize that things are sealed up tight and it won’t gather dust or creepy crawlies while it’s doing time. Have a look at Uline for easy ordering of large rolls. Find out more about the singapore storage facility
  3. Utilize a Hefty Small Lock: Although most units have security in them, it doesn’t mean they’ll continually be paying attention. Find an all-weather padlock which has a short arm to ensure a bolt cutter can’t slide its way in to be sliced open!”

Ways Your Organization Can Reap the benefits of a Self-Storage Unit

If you own a business, you understand how fast items can accumulate over time.  Maintaining your business organized is vital for success, so when organization is needed-a storage unit is the response.

Document Storage

If you have an overabundance of documents, locating a safe place on their behalf can be considered a tough task. Some companies have sensitive documents that need to be stored away for safe keeping. A storage unit can help solve this matter. These facilities offer the peace of mind by giving a clean and safe environment for your sensitive documents.  With gates, passcode entry, locks and surveillance cameras-you can rest assured that your items are safe.

Storage for Short-Term Items

Furniture you don’t need? An old computer monitor that’s not used? A storage unit can fix that. Instead of storing unused items in a closet, start using a storage unit. Clutter can take up a lot of space making the region look extra messy. Once the clutter is removed, this can free up the office space allowing any office traffic to flow easier.

Storage units are not only an affordable storage option but come in a variety of sizes to fit the bill. Whenever choosing a unit, it’s important to know which size you will need for your items to be stored in.


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