Factors to Consider When Selecting A Clearing Broker

Factors to Consider When Selecting A Clearing Broker

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When selecting providers to comply with the new requirements, clients should abide by a coherent strategy along the front, middle and back office, as this important decision will have implications across all three. Regulations will transform the complete lifecycle of derivatives trades. Execution will move from bi-lateral agreements to electronic platforms. Clearing is a separate service using its own cost structure, and a client’s clearing broker’s financial strength and business model should be of paramount concern in their selection process. Margin requirements, and their implications for collateral management and transformation, may be the biggest change of, as those mandates will affect both bi-lateral and cleared transactions. In the foreseeable future, the central counterparts (CCPs) provides pricing for valuation. Beyond that we now have also registration and reporting requirements to take into consideration.

Currently, many clearing firms encourage clients to do all of their trading with them as market makers by offering “free” clearing services. In reality, this is a false promise, as all dealer organizations that provide bundled clearing build the expenses of clearing into the price of the derivative itself. Additionally, the ability to bundle clearing and trading will quickly fade in the new market. First of all, the most the cleared market is anticipated to proceed to electronic trading venues. In the new market structure, the buy-side can realize your desire to take good thing about increased transparency and competitive pricing. Therefore, it’s important that market participants evaluate several providers, including a custody bank that approaches clearing from a buy-side aligned perspective rather than the traditional sell-side, market-maker norm. Diversity is key, but multiple providers all with the same business design will not help accomplish that goal.

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Next, for a buy-side participant, depending upon what assets they have in its portfolio, its clearing firms must be willing and also have the essential capital to arrange through affiliates for initial and in limited circumstances also variation margin financing. Firms should explain the different ways in which they are able to handle collateral transformation and collateral management. These services will be crucial for market participants whose portfolios can include several illiquid aspackages and may well not include the collateral required by the clearinghouses.


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