How To Select the Right Paint and Color For Your Home

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If you’ve decided to take the herculean task of painting your house, then this content is likely to be handy. Whenever you learn the basics with these house painting tips, you’ll know if your hired help is on the right course. Built with this know-how, you’ll know if your paint job is on point right away, rather than adjusting with a shoddy job by the end of it.


House Painting Tips #1: CHOOSE PRUDENTLY

Before you even enter painting mode, put on some samples for the best fit for your home. Our designer, Chandni Aggarwal, suggests that you assess the room before you dive into a conclusion. “Light tones usually open up the space making it airy and bright. However, to get more warmth you can opt for yellow and red tones,” she says. You can also read this article to get more insight on choosing the right colours.

House Painting Tips #2: Precautions

Once you’ve finalised on the color and taken your picks, take protective measures to save lots of your furniture and floor from stains. Move the furniture to the middle of the area and wrap it with dust covers or even newspapers. Similarly, your doors and windows desire a decent cover to avoid any mishaps and stained surfaces. If it’s a fresh home, then covering the flooring would be sufficient.

House Painting Tips #3: Even it Out

A good wall built to perfection comes with an uneven surface. For new homes, the secret is to even the wall with a layer of plaster. Commonly known as plastering in India, experts use POP to complete gaps and cracks in the drywall.

If you’re just repainting the wall, you can skip this technique and concentrate on peling away the paint off. Painters will use a scraper to remove the prevailing paint. If it doesn’t do its job well, they can always resort to chemical strippers.

House Painting Tips #4: Choose the Equipment

For a quick fix, use paint rollers as they absorb more paint and spread them out evenly. However, for the corners, use paint brushes that will leave you with a clean finish. Brushes also provide a textured effect to your home. But you would need to dive in to the decision of deciding on the best bristles.

House Painting Tips #5: Why a Primer?

Ever wondered just what a primer does? Well, the solution is easy. It works as a base which means that your drywall doesn’t absorb more paint such as a sponge. In addition, it acts as an adhesive to guarantee the paint sticks to the wall effectively and enhances the sturdiness of the paint.

The primer also costs less so with a reasonable budget, you ought to be able to apply two coats of primer, to get started with.

House Painting Tips #6: Coats of Paint

Here’s the fun part! Apply three coats of paint for the colour to pop. Based on the sort of paint you utilize, ensure you let it cool-down before you apply another coat. The number of coats you apply could be more if you don’t use a primer.

House Painting Tips #7: Deep Cleaning

In the event you weren’t able to accomplish the work without staining any surfaces, never to worry! Employ a deep cleaning technique to remove stains. Use some dish soap and rubbing alcohol. But if that doesn’t do the trick then use chemical cleaners or turpentine (available with the painters) to eliminate them. Once this is performed, you can create your interiors.


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