How to study for the SAT Exam?

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The SAT exam is mandatory if you want to apply at any US university to further your education. Preparing well for the SAT will ensure you understand the testing areas and give you an advantage on the day of the exam.

Application Procedure

 It is recommended to complete the exam at least one year before applying to colleges and universities. Register for the SAT Singapore exam on the College Board website. Choose one of the six exam dates available between October and June.

A full list of exam venues can be found on the College Board website. To pass the exam successfully, you will need time to study. Select a date that gives you enough time to prepare for the SAT. Payment for the exam must take place before you can sit the exam.

Exam Overview

The SAT aims to test your mathematical ability, as well as your proficiency in reading and writing. Your ability to read and analyze texts with understanding will be tested with both written texts and graphics. Read a wide range of literature ahead of time to be well-versed in different areas.

Grammar and writing will be evaluated on various narratives, ranging from fiction to non-fiction. The essay for the SAT Singapore will require an in-depth argument on a given topic. The best way to prepare for the essay is to check topics on the internet and work on supporting arguments.

The Maths’ section will test general mathematical knowledge, data analysis and complex equations. Practice ahead of time and ensure your calculator has the ability to input mathematical equations.

Study Aides

Studying hard and preparing well is the key to getting a good SAT score. Invest in SAT study manuals and practice exams. Spend at least three hours every week to study and do a practice SAT at least once every month.

The SAT application can be downloaded onto your phone for testing purposes. An extensive vocabulary is essential to pass the SAT. Spend time learning new words and following the instructions on the app.

The SAT Singapore is a timed exam and you have to manage your time to complete all the questions. The question order in several of the sections will increase in difficulty. Spend just a few minutes on the first questions and leave more time for the challenging questions.

Passing the Exam

The two sections of the SAT are each scored between 200 and 800 points. A score of 1200 is generally acceptable but you have a higher chance of getting entry with a score of 1400. Very few people score more than 1400 and if you do you will be in the top five percent of test takers.

A high SAT score will not guarantee that you have entry to a US university. There are many other factors playing a role and even average test scores can gain you entry to a college.

To pass the SAT Singapore requires preparation and dedication. Broadening your knowledge and spending sufficient time studying will help you in achieving SAT success.


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