Huge Benefits to GP Training!

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GP training is a popular choice amongst IMGs. Let’s find out what will be the pros and cons associated with it so as to have a more informed decision before getting into this training pathway. GP training includes 18 months in an over-all practice surgery and additional 18 weeks in hospital posts (a year in medical center posts in Wales).

During your placements you will complete workplace-based assessments (WBA) such as Mini-CEXs, DOPS, CBDs, etc. View our range of Non VR GP Jobs

You will have to pass the:

  1. Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) in the 2nd year of GP training
  2. Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) in another year of GP training

After successful completion of the, you will be offered a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) along with membership of the Royal College of General practitioners (MRCGP). Which means that you can finally practice as an over-all Practitioner?

  1. Less competition

Competition ratios are quite less for GP training posts as compared to other specialties like Surgery or Radiology.

  1. Short duration of training

The duration of training is three years. This is less in comparison to other specialties like Surgery or Internal medicine where you have to train for 5-10 years becoming a consultant.

  1. Ability to choose working hours

After becoming a GP, you can choose whether you want to work part-time as a locum/ out-of-hours GP or as a salaried GP. This gives a huge advantage in terms of work-life balance.

  1. Ability to choose your work and take additional responsibilities

The overall flexibility of GP allows you to work in several settings. You can become a touring doctor with a sports team or can become a cosmetic practitioner in a major city. You will be a ship doctor or become an academician/writer. You can also train for a longer duration and becoming GP with a special involvement in the field you want. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Earning potential

If you own a private GP surgery, you own a business. The ability to gain profits is determined by your skills then. There is also scope for more locum work / out-of-hours work, which pays well.

  1. Freedom to move to other countries

MRCGP is valid in countries like Australia, Canada, and in the Middle East. You get the freedom to go countries after GP training.

How to get a GP training post?

To get into the GP training pathway, you will need either completion of the foundation competencies certificate or get a CREST form signed ( this is the most typical pathway for IMGs).

Where to apply for a GP training post?

There are three rounds of GP training and you could apply in any of them. (Note that the seats slowly but surely decrease with each round)

  1. Round 1 (usually open in October)
  2. Round 1 re-advert (usually open in February)
  3. Round 2 (usually open in July)


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