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There are various types of self storage solutions accessible to you. Your options mainly include vertically stacked solid wood boxes, outside steel storage containers and self-contained systems within a secure warehouse.

Each kind of storage space that we’ve talked about has it’s own benefits and drawbacks, and at Fife Group we only use one kind of self storage, which is self-contained systems within a secure warehouse. We are very pleased to say that people have the biggest self-storage facilities in the Fife area, and of the many options available for you we believe we’ve the answer that ticks all the containers. There are multiple reasons why our clients use our self storage. Some may be moving home and need space for storage, some would have smaller homes and need extra space for vehicles, some are keeping their valuables plus some are tradies keeping their equipment, but regardless of what associated with, self storage give a valuable service for an array of people.

The reason why you are reading this is basically because you are most likely considering self storage and wanting to know which kind of self storage solution is right for you.

Self storage space: 5 advantages of hiring a self storage unit

  1. Security

One of the primary benefits associated with utilizing a self-contained storage solution is security. In case your device, as pictured left, is within a secure warehouse you’ll be able to assure that CCTV will maintain surgery which it’ll be fully alarmed. This will give you satisfaction that your things will be secure for there length in self storage.

With the devices being self-contained you can also connect your own padlock to your device for extra security.

  1. Protection

Your goods have hardly any potential for getting wet, broken from being shifted around or be afflicted with any potential condensation. Together with your self storage device being kept within a clean warehouse you can be confident that your things will be safe from the exterior elements.

  1. Space

There are a variety of different sizes and any self storage service provider can identify what size of device would be better to your requirements. You may get the right amount of space you will need to store all of your things  so you a don’t have a to pay any extra lease for more space that so long as require.

  1. Access

Self-contained self storage should be very convenient so that you can access; all you have to to do is uncover the padlock. Other self storage solutions (vertically stacked solid wood boxes) need a forklift to go boxes around to access your items, which is frustrating and inconvenient.

Preferably you want to gain access to your device quickly, uplift what you need and can get on with your entire day.

  1. Flexibility

Our plan is that if so long as require oneself storage it, unit so you stop spending money on it ’s that easy. You don’t have to provide any notice period or progress warning as a result – you select when you no longer require storage space and that’s that. Some companies can link you into agreements, but you desire to be in a position to part ways when you no longer require the storage space, and with out a hefty cancelation charge.


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