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There are several ways of finding someone through the Internet, nevertheless they are not all equal. Social networking sites can be a great asset, unless the person in question uses a different site or doesn’t use social networking sites at all. The most evident criterion for making a choice between the two is money: white pages searches are usually provided free by search engines or phone companies, whereas people searches generally cost money. Even though this is enough reason to choose white pages, the fact remains that in most cases the people search services are an improved choice for finding people. For more information, visit here.

Not familiar with people search websites? These companies, also called “data brokers” or “info brokers, ” buy and sell your personal information, effectively making a business out of privacy violation. They acquire your information through everything from old accounts you’ve made (of course, you always read the full keywords of service before clicking “I accept…” right?) To public court documents, real estate holdings, and online surveys you completed.

Many of them offer free search results but charge for more detailed reports. Even so, the costs are usually very low. These sites are not illegal. In fact, they’re not even required by law to let you remove your information from them. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), however, has suggested that not giving users an opt-out mechanism may violate their laws against unfair and deceptive trade practices, and companies that don’t follow their own privacy policies have found themselves in violation of the same act. For example, in 2010, the people search website settled with the FTC after their “PrivacyLock” service did not block customers’ records as the company claimed.

People searches, on the other hand, use public records nation-wide to search for folks based on a wide variety of criteria, like name, age, address, social security number and more. Some people search services even allow you to search by email address. The added advantage comes in being able to find people no matter where a subject has moved or how long it has been since you lost contact. The people search reports usually include additional information that is useful in identifying an old friend or relative. Good people search services can include information about address history, possible aliases or associated names and even possible relatives or household members. The white pages provide none of this information. Bringing them together is when the magic really happens. Interact People Directory sits at the heart of your intranet, helping employees find co-workers through a variety of conditions including expertise or department, and then giving them the tools to attach and collaborate.


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