Reasons It’s Better to Buy a Mattress Online

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Many consumers are contemplating whether or not it is better to buy a mattress online. For some people, it may be difficult to make such a large purchase without physically being there to do so. Online shopping has taken over the way people buy and sell goods so purchasing a mattress online has quickly become an option that many people are choosing. The benefits prove numerous, from significant financial savings to a better selection of mattress brands, and much more. For those that are still a little skeptical, here are the top reasons to buy mattress online.

Top Benefits When You buy mattress online

1) Flexibility & Convenience

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it may be difficult to find time to go shopping during business hours.  Now, consumers can simply sit down at their computer in the privacy of their homes and take as much time as they need looking for their perfect mattress. There is no need to dress-up, get the kids ready, or drive across town to a retailer showroom when you buy a mattress online. Instead, you can shop on your time and on your own terms. If you want to take days or weeks to decide, you can.

2) Less Sales Pressure

While you may like the security of being able to test a bed before purchase, you will also have a sales person giving you the rundown of why you should upgrade to a bigger, better mattress or trying to steer towards the latest hot ticket item. It can be difficult for consumers to really focus on the pros and cons of the beds they are interested in a showroom setting when there is sales pressure diluting your judgment. Many people are also uncomfortable laying on beds in stores. Online shopping presents the facts of the products without someone pressuring you the entire time. Retailer websites generally do have an option for chatting with a salesperson, but it is up to you to initiate that conversation. If you prefer to shop in peace or find yourself easily “sold” to, this is an important benefit received when you buy a mattress online.

3) Opportunity to Be a More Informed Shopper

When you go to a retail showroom, there is often brochures and sales people to provide you with information. The downside is that they will only provide you information about their brands. Many stores also feature privately-labelled collections from big brands which can make comparing between stores difficult. When you buy a mattress online, you can browse countless brands, sizes, and styles, scrutinizing them in detail to see which ones you are most interested in purchasing. At your fingertips are several resources explaining the different fabrics, materials and terminology used in the mattress industry. Information published on a retailer’s website may also be more factual and reliable than word of mouth from salespeople. Consumer reviews and social media outlets also provide an insight into what real shoppers have to save about specific beds.  Opting to research and buy a mattress online provides greater access to information and makes better-informed shoppers.

4) Better Return Policies

Another important benefit, one brought up in a recent Mattress Inquirer article about the benefits of buying a mattress online, is extended return policies. Internet retailers know how important your new mattress is to you. They are also aware that you were not able to thoroughly examine the bed before purchase, and generally want to mitigate this concern and make the purchase feel like less of risk. Whereas many brick and mortar stores offer only a few days or weeks for returns, it is the norm for online retailers to offer 1-3 months depending on the mattress type. This can be very helpful when deciding if a particular mattress is right for you, as you can see how it fares over several nights instead of just a minutes.

5) Better Prices

Pricing online generally is significantly less than local stores. The reasons for this include high retail markups, less overhead and more online competition. A comparable mattress online may be up to 70% off the price of a bed you would purchase at any physical location.  Stores will also add sales tax though if you purchase a mattress online from a retailer in a different state, you typically do not have to pay that additional tax. Websites also tend offer frequent sales and promotions to get an edge over competitors (on top their already reduced prices). We also found some websites that price-match other sellers like latex mattress retailer Astrabeds. The savings alone make checking out online options worthwhile for most shoppers.

6) Better Selection

While some consumers may think they will have a better chance of picking a good bed if they go to a showroom, the truth is the selection is often very limited due to size, cost and brand constraints. Typically, retailers only offer a few brands and only a few models you can actually test out. When you buy a mattress online, you can view countless beds and better research the ones that you think meet your specific needs. What’s more, many specialty mattress brands of latex, memory foam and waterbeds can only be found online and are not available in stores.

7) Better Chance of Comfort Satisfaction

Many people assume that being able to test out a mattress in a showroom will ensure that they are getting the comfort and satisfaction that they are looking for. The truth is, statistics prove that this is not an adequate way to ensure that a particular bed offers the appropriate comfort and support. According a study of consumer mattress satisfaction by Best Mattress Reviews the breakdown of customer satisfaction compared to showroom and online shopper are as follows:

Innerspring-60% were satisfied when shopping at a showroom. 64% were satisfied when shopping online.

Memory foam- 80% were satisfied when shopping at a showroom. 82% were satisfied when shopping online.

Latex- 65% were satisfied when shopping at a showroom. 84% were satisfied when shopping online.

Double: Cosy for two sleepers, roomy for one.

Nearly all mattress sizes are rounded up. For example a Twin bed in real-world dimensions is usually 38 x 74″ or a double mattress is 53 x 74″. Queen and King are almost always 79 inches long. Most mattresses today are still primarily hand made, which will always lead to variances.

One of the most popular bed frame types, upholstered headboard with frame come in a wide range of styles and offer a sleek, low profile look. You can easily spot a platform bed frame by its flat base – no box spring needed!

The Pros:

  • Cost-Effective:Platform beds are generally more affordable as you don’t need to purchase a box spring to go with them.
  • Use Any Mattress:You can use any type of mattress with your platform bed. They’re especially perfect for memory foam mattresses.
  • Small Space Friendly:If you’re tight on space in your bedroom, the sleek design of platform beds will take up less floor space and help you minimize clutter.


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