The benefits of art classes

The benefits of art classes

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Joining an Art Class hasn’t been more popular. No longer confined to accomplished artists or retirees, increasing numbers of people are taking the plunge and discovering the joys of drawing and painting.

And it’s easy to understand why: from upping your special awareness to improving your mental health, joining a skill Class can have innumerable benefits!

Here are seven Art Courses Kent benefits that could help:

1. Relaxation.
Drawing at home or on your own is a good idea, but it’s easy to get distracted by the ping of a text. The to begin our art class benefits is that an Art Class is the best excuse to shut off from the world for an hour or two. Not considering your phone or answering an email immediately is good for you. Studies have proved that physical and mental health are improved when people draw for set intervals. In a similar way to meditation, blood pressure drops, tension fades away – and it’s fun!

2. Igniting Your Creativity.
If you sit at your personal computer all day, then you are probably using the left side of the brain – the analytical, problem solving side. The proper side is the creative and intuitive side.

If you are not sure what this means, then think about when you see something you like or don’t like – you instantly know! – that’s the right side of the human brain providing a message. Sometimes we overthink problems using the left brain and get in a muddle. Balance both sides and strengthen that right hand brain by doing something creative. Art Classes doesn’t require quite definitely equipment. All you have is a pencil or a paintbrush, and blank canvas!

It’s amazing how we usually draw whatever we think we see rather than what’s actually in front of us. It’s common to be frustrated when our first sketch doesn’t look the same as the thing in front of us. That’s when you are likely to chuck the pencil away and say “I can’t draw” – however the more you draw, a lot more you learn to see.

Just look into coffee cup or stapler before you, start drawing it and you’ll notice so much more subtle curves and shapes that you hadn’t noticed before. The first attempts might appear wobbly, but each time you begin a new drawing your eyes figure out how to see more accurately, and you will be surprised how your wider perception of distance and space improves.

4. Boosting Your Memory.
Rather than take a snap of your lunch or a view, make an extremely quick sketch from it. If you get a pocket-sized sketchbook and make a very quick rough drawing (don’t take more than two minutes). Doesn’t matter how rough or sketchy it is – you should have an improved memento of that lunch or day out than invest the a photo.

By drawing a salad rather than going for a photo, you’ll find you have to look a lot more carefully, plus your looking skills will get better and better together with your drawing – and your memories of the function.

5. Getting Sociable.
As well as learning a lot of from how other people use the pencil or paintbrush, joining a skill Class is a superb way to meet new people with shared interests.

Making the time to socialise and make new friends doing a task you adore can have many benefits for your long-term mental health and happiness, offering you the much-needed emotional lift you need at the end of a long day.

6. Improving Faster.
If you draw or paint at home, then you’re probably acquainted with these scenario: you’ve sharpened your pencils and arranged them in a nice row but can’t quite bring you to ultimately make a mark in that lovely new sketchbook. Or possibly you have started painting the kettle or the cat but are now feeling disheartened because the kettle appears like an extremely wonky jug or the cat appears like a very odd dog…

You will be very pleasantly surprised at how quickly you progress if you are being taught in a group by an experienced teacher. In a short time you have forgotten enough time and have several drawings under your belt. Forget about gazing at the blank page!

7. Enjoying Art in a fresh Way!
When you start drawing you can’t help but check out famous artists’ work in museums and galleries in a different way; and your appreciation and knowledge of art will improve.


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