The island of Malta welcomes Brits after Brexit

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There is some good news for British citizens living in Malta. Even after the UK leaves the EU on February 1st, they will not lose their rights and obligations in the EU. British expats in Malta and their families have the same rights and responsibilities as EU citizens.

This includes British citizens visiting Malta from February 1st to December 31st, 2020. A spokesman for the Interior Department said UK residents would receive EU rights and obligations indefinitely if they continue to do so.

There are many benefits to moving to Malta. Besides the sun and the Mediterranean way of life, this island offers a lot.

Malta’s many residency programs allow many families to live in Malta for a variety of reasons. Malta has a strong and prosperous economy, which is a basic requirement for everyone to migrate. According to the European Commission’s 2019 Winter Economic Outlook, Malta’s economy is expected to grow to 5.2% in 2019 and 6.4% in 2020, along with sustained and high GDP growth. The unemployment rate is low.

There is no doubt that the property market is a “draw” for British citizens who see Malta as their new home. Malta’s main investment is real estate. In 2009, the global financial crisis hit sustainable capital growth. Property prices have been stable over the past decade or have fluctuated year to year, and there are many options for those looking to choose the island as their primary hub.

Options range from more discreet apartments and foreign-century cottages to luxurious luxury apartments with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, villas with large grounds, and renovated houses with historic charm. It has also proven to be the perfect place to invest in rentals. There was no better time to shop or rent with the constant influx of people who came to the island to live and work.

Again, there are plenty of options, including central two and three bedroom apartments for young people and families, and luxury beach apartments for wealthy immigrants. We want to join the many British citizens who built permanent homes in Malta and Gozo or simply invested in rental properties. Rest assured that the housing market is stable. Over the years, Malta and Gozo have captivated thousands of British citizens who made the island a permanent settlement, marking the end of a transition period after Britain left.

Did you know that:

– English is the official language of Malta
– Malta generally has an excelent climate. January and February are the coldest months, but the rest of the year are very clear and clear skies.
– Malta is considered one of the safest countries to live because of its relatively low crime rate.
– Focus on health care. The island has a world-class healthcare system.
– Maltese people are very friendly and make Brits feel very welcome


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