The Ultimate Moving Out of State Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Out of State Checklist

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Moving out of state? From packing belongings and getting a place to live to considering moving options and making new friends, moving to a new state is a time-consuming process that takes patience and planning. If you’re not sure how to go to some other state, we can help. Our moving out of state checklist makes moving to a fresh state easy and seamless. Here’s how to go out of state smoothly and efficiently.

out of state moving checklist Guide
Before moving to a new state, We recommend making at least one visit to your brand-new city. In this manner, you can get a good feel for the positioning and different neighborhoods. Bring a guidebook to you or head to the town’s visitors center for brochures, maps and advice. If residing in a hotel, ask the concierge for ideas. It’s also advisable to be able to find plenty of information on your new city and state through internet research and review sites. As well as the city’s tourism attractions, I would recommend searching for local hot spots and under-the-radar hangouts.

Research schools
Have school-age children? Make researching schools in your brand-new city or state a high priority on your moving out of state checklist. In the event that you plan to send your son or daughter to public school, determine which neighborhoods are associated with your schools of interest.

Budget accordingly
Moving out of state won’t be cheap. The common cost of hiring professional movers for an out of state move is $4,890. Take into account that even if you’re planning for a DIY move, you’ll have to cover a truck rental or pot, moving supplies and various other expenses. To determine your budget, focus on how much you are willing and in a position to devote to the move. Then list out all necessary moving expenses. Remember to put somewhat of extra cash aside for unexpected expenses. Also, if moving for employment, be sure to check on if your employer plans to cover part or all your moving expenses.

Find a destination to live
Ideally, you’d prefer to find a new destination to live before you move. If you don’t know the region well already, I would recommend renting for the first half a year when you get a feel for the city. To discover a safe, budget-friendly destination to live, hire an established Realtor showing you homes in your decision neighborhoods. Hiring the right Realtor is really important when moving to some other state. An educated agent can assist you in your house hunting process. They also needs to know the market inside and out and be able to help you with all legalities and paperwork. To find a real estate agent in your new state, check’s network of realtors.

Research moving companies and hire a reputable one
Moving to a fresh state is hard to do without professional movers. If you do opt to hire a moving company to aid in the move, make sure it’s a trusted and trusted one. When researching moving companies, check out company reviews and ratings.

Consider cheaper alternatives to finding a moving company
Bad news: hiring a moving company for an interstate move is expensive. Good news: there are, however, cheaper alternatives to hiring professional movers. For just one, you can rent a lightweight moving pot. These moving storage containers also double as non permanent storage pots when moving. Renting a lightweight moving box for an out of state move might cost from $2,000 to $3,000 monthly, however, the price will depend on the rental duration and size of the container. Another alternative is to rent a moving truck and drive your belongings to the new state yourself. Not merely are truck rentals a large money saver as it pertains to moving, but they’re also easy to come by. Several truck rental options to choose from include U-Haul, Budget, Enterprise and Penske. Finally, if moving children of belongings a long distance, consider using a sizable freight moving trailer instead of a moving company.

Select a moving date
The perfect time to choose a moving date! When moving out of state, ensure you consider moving company availability, your work schedule, family concerns and weather when choosing a moving date. Contrary to popular belief, when you move can also affect the price tag on your move. Those shifting weekends, holidays or through the summer will likely run into greater demand, less mover availability and for that reason, higher moving rates. Alternatively, if you choose to move throughout a weekday when it’s not optimum moving season then you’ll likely have a less expensive move.

Order all moving supplies
From moving boxes and foam pouches to bubble rolls and packaging tape, you’re going to need plenty of moving supplies. Be sure to order your moving supplies at least per month before the move so you can start packing at the earliest opportunity. To determine how many containers you’re have to, check our packaging calculator for an estimate. For a list of moving supplies, check here.

Make necessary travel arrangements
Moving long distance more often than not involves making travel arrangements. Just ensure that you arrange your travel plans prior to the move. Types of travel arrangements to consider include booking a plane ticket, booking an automobile rental, making a hotel reservation or other overnight plans if needed. Oftentimes, it requires moving companies weekly or more to deliver belongings. So, be sure you also have plans arranged for momentary housing.

Cancel or transfer all memberships
Unless you need to get stuck spending money on a gym so long as use, we recommend canceling or transferring all memberships at the earliest opportunity. This also applies to community clubs. Many monthly membership programs need at least one month’s notice before cancelling an account. If the city that you’re moving to happens to have locations in the region, then ensure that you transfer the membership before moving which means you can access the club.


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