Tips for choosing the right solar company

Tips for choosing the right solar company

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Switching to solar technology can be a major decision and along start comes an important question – which company am i going to choose to install my solar system? With a magnitude of solar companies to choose from, the task of picking one can become overwhelming. To help with making your decision easier, here are 5 tips you should think about when looking at solar companies.

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1. Just how much experience do they have?

Because solar energy is still a fresh industry, it’s difficult to learn which companies you can rely on. There are lots of small companies which have entered the solar market without proper expertise in the renewable energy sector. These businesses will sell you cheap equipment and perform significantly less than standard installations. When it comes to your solar investment, the very last thing you want to cope with is rookie, cost-cutting mistakes.

A trusted company will usually inform the customer of how long they have been around in business on the website. Solar Service Group is proudly backed by 30 years of industry experience, with a commitment to analyze and development within the renewable energy sector. This dedication has resulted in us becoming market leaders in Australian solar battery solutions.

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2. Do they take your individual energy requirements into consideration?

When dealing with a reliable solar company, you’ll observe that their main concern is pairing you with products that match your individual energy requirements. Unfortunately, it’s quite typical for solar companies to market you everything under sunlight. For example, a company might convince you that you need a 10kW system, when you’ll have the desired effect with an inferior 6kW system. That is a fast way to ruin brand reputation and the trust a customer puts into a solar company.

Our staff are trained to utilize our customers to develop a solar solution that meets their household energy requirements. We are able to customise your system by taking into consideration the position of your property, the contour of your roof and exactly how much sun or shade you have. We use you to build up a solution you are feeling comfortable and at ease.

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3. Do they stock a variety of products and brands?

Considering our previous tip, it’s in your best interest to stay away from solar companies that stock only 1 product or brand. How do a firm match you with products suitable for your unique needs if indeed they only promote an individual brand? You’ll want to avoid one-size-fits all solutions, a good solar company offers you multiple quotes and advice.

Products vary in factors such as size, price and warrantee with regards to the brand. A trusted solar company knows how important it is to stock a variety of products in order to cater to the various needs of these customers.

As solar experts, we ensure our customers have access to the best brands on the market. We stock high-performance photovoltaic panels that are guaranteed to produce exceptional results. If it’s a battery you are after, this easy to read chart allows you to compare different types of solar batteries we stock.

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4. Do they feature aftercare and support?

It’s post-installation as well as your solar system seems to be working perfectly. However, 1 day it switches off therefore you can’t get it to change back on. A hiccup such as this could be due to a fault, an web connection issue or a tripped circuit breaker. If an unforeseen problem arises, you’ll want to ensure the solar company you’ve chosen provides aftercare support.
We have an ardent team who specialise in the aftercare support of solar systems. If an urgent problem arises, we will be ready to resolve it for you. We also offer monitoring services that allows anyone to monitor the performance of your system from your smartphone or desktop. Furthermore, we like to follow up with this customers post-installation to make sure everything is running well. We stand by our customers and are always here to help!


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