Tips for Choosing Unique Jewelry Designs

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Jewellery could possibly be the perfect surprise when you get it right. It really is personal, timeless and a great way to mark a particular occasion. However, it could be difficult to choose the right piece, therefore i have made a set of a couple of things to consider steering you in the right route when gifting jewellery compared to that special someone.


Take a look at their style. For example, does she tend to coating up small pieces of dainty jewellery like stacking rings, fine chain pendants or wear large statement portions such as a cuff bracelet and modern neck-piece? Or is she more classic and simple ie. Diamonds stud earrings or pearl necklace. Consider what she likes and what she really doesn’t. Is there something in her jewellery collection or wardrobe that she loves rather than takes off that could offer you a windowpane into her style? A style and fashion selection she makes are expressions of her inner self, her attempt to express to the world what she finds captivating, comfortable and features her personality. Consider what she wears casually or when she actually is venturing out and what jewellery would compliment it.


Just about everyone has something on our wish list if you give consideration you may pick up on subtle or not so subtle hints to steer you in the right direction. Keep an eye on her reactions to what she sees online, on Television and in magazines. Please note the style and appearance of bits she likes. This will help you tie in a potential Jewellery choice with her overall style. Visit this website to get more insight, a unique jewelry gift


Will she predominately wear gold, sterling silver or rose platinum? It has become more popular to mix your metal colours as it pertains to jewellery and lots of jewellery will now encompass gold and silver in the one piece. However, if she tends to stick with one colour, choose that, there could be certain tones that don’t suit her colouring that she is avoiding.


Do you want to personalize the piece insurance agencies in engraved? If so, the part needs to have enough space for whatever meaning or date you want to have inscribed. It really is a lovely move to make, especially if you want to mark an occasion. She’ll forever associate that piece with that time and place. So an engraving can make gifting jewellery even more timeless and unique. Just be sure to allow for engraving time, generally 2-5 days depending on the item, the engraving and season.

Given that you’ve an idea of style, you will need to decide on what category of jewellery to buy, with each category comes its group of questions:


First things first, does she have her ears pierced? Although most women do, there are a few that don’t if you are unsure, go for a bracelet or necklace instead.

If earrings are her thing, there are many different kinds of earring to consider; stud earrings, short drop earrings, long drop earrings or modern on the ear earrings. Again here you can defer to her standard fashion style, hints you’ve noticed and the style and form of her existing earrings.


If you are buying for your partner, I would avoid rings completely. The sight of your diamond ring box immediately brings one considered to head and there is a major chance that she will be either disappointed or a lttle bit freaked out and either way, it’ll be awkward.  If you are engaged or married to the individual in question, you are in safer territory as it pertains to rings.

If you’ve decided that a band is the way to go, ask yourself the next;

  • Do you understand her size? (Which finger and which hand should come in to the equation if you want to find out her size. Fingers on your left hand are usually smaller than those on your right.)
  • Can the wedding ring be exchanged on her behalf size if it doesn’t fit?
  • Can you borrow one of her jewelry and also have it sized? (It takes a minute to check on how big is a ring, most jewelers will check the size of it for you, in case you aren’t buying anything in their shop.) But be sure you observe which finger she wears it on.
  • Different varieties of wedding rings can make your fingers look much longer or slimmer depending on the shape. Think about what the jewelry she wears appear to be as she’ll be wearing wedding rings that compliment the shape of her finger.


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