What are the benefits of a boiler service

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Regular servicing will keep your household safe, save money and keep your guarantee valid. Reading more on the benefits of a boiler service.

Safety – all appliances that burn wood or fossil fuels (such as gas) could produce poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) if they’re not working properly, so to keep your loved ones safe, your Gas Safe registered engineer will check your boiler for CO.

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Fewer breakdowns – as you’ll expect when you take your car for its MOT, when you yourself have your boiler serviced, all the main components are checked for deterioration, and replaced if necessary. That means that it is less inclined to breakdown when you need it the most, particularly in the cold winter season.

Efficiency – a well-maintained and regularly serviced boiler will work more efficiently. This implies you are using less fuel and cutting your energy bills.

Protect Those You VALUE
A faulty boiler can be hugely dangerous. An annual boiler service can help safeguard against fires, explosions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is deadly gas that can kill quickly and unexpectedly. In addition to an twelve-monthly boiler service, fitting an audible carbon monoxide alarm can help protect those you care about from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reduce Your Energy Bills
An gross annual Boiler Service Surrey can help make sure your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible, and help prevent heating fuel wastage. Not merely will this spend less on your power bills but it’ll also lessen your carbon footprint as well as your impact on the environment.

SPEND LESS On Boiler Repairs
By servicing your boiler annually you can improve the reliability of your heat, minimise future boiler repairs and extend your boiler’s lifespan. Regular checks and maintenance could discover minor conditions that, left unresolved, could cause more significant issues, increase future repair costs, or delay a potential, and expensive, necessity to replace your old boiler.

Ensure Your Boiler Guarantee Is Valid
Not having an annual boiler service on the newly-installed boiler could invalidate your guarantee. Many manufacturer guarantees require your new boiler to be serviced with a Gas Safe registered engineer every a year. For example, the perfect Guarantee because of its Logic and Logic+ boiler range states, “by the end of every 12 month period, the boiler must be serviced with a Gas Safe registered engineer. Should this condition not be met, the boiler guarantee will lapse.”

An annual boiler service is most beneficial conducted prior to the colder months. There’s nothing worse than wanting to turn on the heating in the autumn and discovering a fault. Servicing your boiler prior to the cold snap can help spread the price as you will not be paying for increased fuel consumption whilst the heating isn’t on.

Stay Legal (Businesses & Landlords Only)
Both commercial premises and rented accommodation legally require gas safety certificates to be issued every twelve months. By law, boilers, pipework, flues and other gas appliances must be repaired and maintained in a safe condition, with Gas Safety Records easily available and kept on record for two years. It is strongly recommended that an annual boiler service is conducted simultaneously to ensure gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently.


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