Why Regular Dental Visits for Kids are Important

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Dental visits are just as important as total annual health checkups during childhood. We love children and work hard to make their visits a calm and nice experience. Starting kids early will not only ensure healthier teeth, but also make a visit to the dentist an all natural occurrence rather than something to fear.

The Importance of Regular Dentist Visits for Kids

Healthy teeth help your child to consume without pain. Strong baby teeth also pave just how for healthier adult teeth when they come in. Maintaining your child pain-free isn’t the only reason to bring them to our office. Each visit provides benefits that improve your child’s overall wellbeing.

Keeping Your Child’s Tooth Enamel Strong

Tooth enamel is susceptible to acids that form whenever your child eats. Some children are born with thin enamel that is much more likely to decay. We offer fluoride treatments that help strengthen the enamel. Dental cleanings are essential dental hygiene for kids that assist with remove food debris and plaque before it causes cavities. Schedule your appointment today https://whitesdentalcare.com.au/

Preventing Issues From Early Tooth Loss

Baby teeth are meant to fall out. Until they do, they serve valuable roles. A child’s first set of teeth helps them to practice forming their speech as well as enabling them to chew their food. A child who loses too many tooth may have a problem with getting proper nutrition.

Teaching Your Kids Proper Oral Hygiene Techniques

Learning how to brush teeth properly is a skill that takes time. Flossing is also challenging for lots of children. Dentists can see the places on teeth that children have a tendency to miss. We speak about these areas to your child. Then, we’ll show them how to angle their tooth clean to hit those spots. If your child struggles with flossing, then we’ll show them easier ways to do it until they progress fine motor control.

Identifying a Need for Orthodontic Treatment

Parents often wonder if their children will require braces. Dentists search for signs of a misaligned bite early in childhood. Two-phase orthodontic treatment can begin around the time that your kids is seven years old.

Spotting Common Problems With Braces

If your older child already has braces, then we’ll look out for problems. Dentists in many cases are the first to see stains forming on one’s teeth. We’ll also watch out for irritation on the soft tissues of the mouth.

Building Confidence for Future Dental Visits

Children benefit from having many positive activities with their dentists. Dental anxiety often occurs when children go too much time between visits. Preventing major procedures with simple treatments, such as teeth cleaning, also helps to alleviate fear. Each visit you request your child with us promotes a positive relationship. Feeling more comfortable with us as their dentist makes it more likely they’ll continue their visits as the.

Children are available to new experiences. This makes childhood the ideal time to cultivate a relationship with their dentist. We recommend bringing your son or daughter in for a visit as early as possible. For most children, this will be when they get their first tooth. After that, we’ll schedule regular checkups that keep their teeth healthy as they grow.


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