Why it’s important to buy worm wount kits for Dogs

Why it’s important to buy worm wount kits for Dogs

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Parasites or worms are common issues that veterinarians often encounter. There are different kinds of infections that are noticed in both puppies and dogs. This may include hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, Coccidia, and tapeworms.

Your vet can recommend the proper deworming medication depending on kind of infection your furry friend has. This is often determined with a stool sample and an examination of the dog. Before treating your dog companion, it’s essential to evaluate with the veterinarian beforehand.

If you notice that your dog has symptoms of fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss, or abnormal fur color, then it’s a chance to bring him to the vet for a stool sample.

Many pet owners wish to know if their dog or cat has worms but don’t want to worm their dog or kitty with regard to it. This is understandable given how toxic spot-on wormers (and flea treatments) can be, and the detrimental effect they can have on pets, and the surroundings due to this fact.

To add to the downside, parasites such as worms, and fleas, are becoming more resistant to these strong pesticides. With all that in mind, why would you worm your dog or cat just for the sake of it if you don’t know they have worms in the first place?

Well, a lot of pet owners especially those who raw feed, worm naturally, or don’t worm their family pets by any means, regularly worm count instead. So a cat or dog only needs worming if they test positive.

A dog worm count or a cat worm count number is a simple test that looks for worm eggs in your pet’s intestines. If detected in that case your dog or cat has worms and needs treating accordingly.
How to do a worm test

Essentially, you buy a Worm Count Kit For Dogs and make use of it to collect an example of your pet or cat’s poo. Post the sample to the lab and they’ll test it for worms and giardia. There is a separate test for lungworm which tests for larvae, not eggs, and you desire a different kit for it The results are emailed to you with any tips for treatment if any is necessary.

Signs your dog may have worms:

Licking at their back end
Dry fur
Always hungry
Weight loss
Belly tender to the touch
The benefits associated with doing a worm count.

You should consider testing for worms:

If you raw feed your dogs.
If you only want to treat your dog when worms can be found.
If you don’t worm your pet at all.
To make sure your current wormer is working.
If you have foxes or hedgehogs in your area (fox lungworm).
If your dog likes to scavenge or lick grass.
Or they are known to take a fancy to dead birds and animals.

A worm count kit to help you screen for faecal worm eggs in your dog or cat. Eggs aren’t obvious to the naked eye, it’s important to screen regularly to make sure your pet can be as happy and healthy as can be.

The deworming schedule depends on the dog’s age and product that he or she is taking. By way of example, puppies should be treated every 2 to 3 3 weeks with several treatments to eliminate the hookworm or roundworm.

For adult dogs, it depends upon the kind of parasite or worm on the microscope of the stool. Keep in mind that the heartworm preventatives are effective in destroying hookworms and roundworms as well as protecting against whipworms.

The veterinarians usually don’t treat pregnant dogs until after delivery. This is mainly because almost all of the puppies will be born with roundworms, despite how usually the adult dogs are treated.


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